4 Elements Explained


Air is the thinnest element of all and represents the field of ideas and human thought. These signs are in their head most of the time and their challenge is to be specific and practical. They all have a problem with decision making, each one in their own way, because they often stay separated from their feel of the situation. They need to connect to their opposing Fire sign to be able to land their ideas instead of leaving thousands of them floating above their heads.

Gemini is a mutable Air sign and rules thoughts and communication. They change decisions and need to look at the bigger picture in order to incorporate their ideas into reality and always keep their word. If they manage to aim into one point as their opponent Sagittarius would do, they could follow their train of thought and carry it into effect.

Libra is a cardinal Air sign and rules all relationships with other people. They can't make decisions at all. They lack initiative and the ability to sense what is best for them, instead of what is best for others. Their initial energy is stuck with other people and Aries would gladly take over and make a decision for them. They need to focus on their instincts.

Aquarius is a fixed Air sign and rules the field of ideas and our connection to the divine thought. They make decisions and stick to them, until they burst and give up on the idea they started with. They lack passion and the oneness of Leo and need to incorporate their will, personality, self-respect and respect for everyone else into any equation.


Earth element is the element of the material world, giving its signs focus to their everyday life, finances and all practical things in our lives. Each of these Earth signs has their own quality and the area they act in, but what they have in common is their practical, "down to earth" nature. They are mostly quiet workers of the zodiac, with the mission to materialize all of the ideas, passions and emotions of all other signs. Their responsibility is great and that is what makes them so serious.

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, in charge of earthly satisfaction and the flexibility or inertia of the physical body. Their fixed quality gives an unmovable stability that sorresponds with savings, motherhood and physical weight. They understand the value of the physical world.

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign, in charge of work. Their mutable quality gives them the ability to work on each tiresome detail, here and there, from one side to the other. Every detail needed for the „bigger picture“ to work in the material world. They understand how things work.

Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign, in charge of ambition and position. Their cardinal quality gives them the ability to always be ready to move their focus to a point that has deep purpose and meaning. They understand the link between action and consequence.


The element of Fire is an element of creativity and passion. It is the element with a masculine need to express and take initiative, but is pretty far from the possibility to leave a trail in the material world. Each representative of the element of Fire needs to learn to connect with a type of emotion, so the Water element could connect them to Earth and make it possible for them to create. Fire signs have a Water sign that precedes them and a mission to resolve what is behind them so they can move forward, to the Earth sign ahead.
Aries is a cardinal Fire sign and needs to deal with Pisces. As a cardinal sign and the initiator of everything new, it has the toughest assignment – to deal with everything from the past. When Aries understands the sense of magic Pisces withhold, it can create anything they put their mind into.

Leo is a fixed Fire sign and needs to deal with Cancer. They have to resolve their family issues and find their peace at home, in order to pay enough attention to detail and gain the possibility to rule or follow their talent and be the best at something.

Sagittarius is a mutable Fire sign and needs to deal with Scorpio. They need to accept all that is hidden in their emotional world, however dark or destructive it might be. If they want to reach their goals, their attention needs to be turned to the ability of deep emotional growth and the readiness to resolve what is holding them back.


Water element is the element of our emotional reality. Signs of this element are more sensitive than other signs of the zodiac and we could say they „flow“ through life, less static than the Earth, but still in contact with out passive, feminine principle. These signs feel things deeply and each of them has a need to deal with emotions they always carry around. We could say they all have certain asignments depending on planets they bring to their fall.

Cancer is a cardinal Water sign, in which Mars is debilitated. It is a sign that represents a lake of emotion, our DNA and emotional roots we have from our parents. Cancer needs to accept boundaries and deal with aggresion.

Scorpio is a fixed Water sign, in which the Moon falls. It is a sign that represents a river of emotion, our karmic emotional debt and emotions we hide from. Scorpio needs to accept their feelings, sensitivity, deep emotional nature and learn to recognize how they feel.

Pisces is a mutable Water sign, in which Mercury is debilitated. Is a sign that represents an ocean of emotion and our love for the world. Pisces need to accept rational thinking and learn to use their words or their silence as a tool for communication.