All About Qualities

Cardinal Signs

Four cardinal signs of the zodiac are in charge of new beginnings. They are on a mission to start things and make sharp turns in their lives when circumstances push them hard enough. Each one of them can keep something in for years and than explode, every sign in their own way. This depends on the planet they bring to its fall.

Aries is a Fire cardinal sign, always at the start line, waiting to run first. They need to begin something new as soon as they get swamped by responsibility and boredom, since this is a sign where Saturn falls.

Cancer is a Water cardinal sign, lulled into their emotional world but always on the watch for signs of aggression for this is where Mars falls. If they start to feel as if their boundaries were compromised, they will „explode“ and change their entire relationship pattern.

Libra is an Air cardinal sign, indecisive until the moment they „go crazy“ and make a fully founded decision. This must be a decision that supports them and is the best for their threatened personality, since this is a sign where the Sun falls.

Capricorn is an Earth cardinal sign, concrete, cold and slear, almost like a solved mathematical equasion. They can stay in the same place for years, but as soon as they sense the lack of meaning and purpose, they will rip out the roots and move on to something entirely diferent.

Fixed Signs

Signs with fixed quality have a tendency to stay in one place for a long time. They walk on a beaten trail, set in their ways and difficult to move. Each of them is static in its own way and the interesting thing is that two of them signify change. They are all extensions of cardinal signs that started a certain trend they follow.

Taurus is fixed in action started by Aries. If there was lack of energy and activity, Taurus will give strong inertia to stay static, not because they are lazy, but because they continue the pattern of the lack of energy. When given speed and energy, they will also have trouble slowing down.

Leo is fixed in emotion. Although not considered a very emotional sign, it is a sign of warm love and creativity. Cancer sets the base for emotional balance and Leo takes this state on and stays in it, as warm as given by Cancer.

Scorpio is fixed in their attention toward another person, or anything they have a relationship with. This is because Libra is the sign that gives them momentum. When Libra gives too much attention to someone else, Scorpio becomes obsessed.

Aquarius is the strangest one, since it is fixed in ambition and spices up what Capricorn built with ever-changing ideas, revelations and improvements. This is the reason for their rebellious nature - their goals combined with humanitarian attitude are so strict and unchangeable that they will oppose anyone standing in their way.

Mutable Signs

Signs with mutable quality know what change means. They can be quite unreliable because their mood or even their inner personalities can change too fast for other signs to follow. They are on a crossroads between something usual and static (fixed sign that precedes them) and the radical change (cardinal sign that follows) and it seems they can never decide which way to go. This is a “game” between all of the faces of Mercury and Jupiter. They are the opposition of mind and faith, details and a whole. Zodiac is crossed by their dilemmas and changes and points to our need to find the universal truth in all of our details in life.

Gemini is a masculine sign ruled by Mercury. Gemini changes personalities. It is very difficult for them to know where their personality's core resides, between earthly satisfactions and exalted emotions, between activity and home, between sports and ice cream.

Virgo is a feminine sign also ruled by Mercury. Virgo changes their habits, torn between their passions and their need to be with someone, between love and commitment, their own satisfaction and other people.

Sagittarius is a masculine sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius changes space, places, countries, galaxies. They are torn between ancestors and descendants, between sexuality and boundaries, between marriage and ambition.

Pisces is a feminine sign also ruled by Jupiter. Pisces change emotions. They are torn between going back and going forward, between the old and the new, between everything and nothing.