Aquarius and Aquarius

Aquarius - Aquarius relationship focuses on the most positive aspects of humankind. This pair loves making friends, help others and, on a grander scale, contemplate social change. They tend to be active and sociable and work best under pressure.

The two are self-governing and multi-ethnic; all of their socializing could leave this couple in some way emotionally disconnected. They use most of their time away from the house, and they work well together as part of a larger organization, business or group. Sometimes, this couple has a great trouble detecting or showing their actual feelings to their partners or people around them.

Aquarius follows the Planets Saturn and Uranus. Uranus has a control over radical ideas. Always reaching out with their optimistic visions, the Aquarian intellect can be so great and unconventional that Aquarius sometimes is the "Einstein" of the Zodiac. Aquarius is a sign of Air. They are a great team and share breathtaking conversation, but the closeness of the relationship may take a lot of efforts. Also, they have an attitude towards those they find commonplace and ordinary.

Aquarius represents a Fixed Sign. This quality can make the couple highly fruitful as well as terribly stubborn. Ideas flow from the creative Aquarian mind and both partners high opinion one another's aid to a common goal. However, at times, strong opinions will clash and result in an extreme dispute. Both partners abhor for those who do not share the same yearn for progress.

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