Aquarius and Aries

The blend of Aquarius visualization and Aries action makes this two an original pair. Aquarius - Aries relationship is anything but static; they can be aggressive, but life with these two involved is never flat! As a matter of fact, Zodiac signs that are two apart tend to have an incredible connection and these are no exemption.

A preponderance of Aquarius - Aries relationships operates on a shared appreciation. Aries loves how inimitable Aquarius is their original image and general perception of the world; Aquarius on the other hand, loves Aries for their energy and ideas, Aquarius is subject to constant updates on new ideas though sometimes finds it hard to carry them out. Since both signs prize independence, Aries' habit of possessiveness can push Aquarius to become detached as a self-protection approach.

The planets Saturn (Karma) and Uranus (Rebellion) are the rulers of Aquarius, Aries on the other end follows planet Mars. Aquarius gets its great, continuous vision from Uranus and its societal ethics and philanthropy from Saturn. Aries makes a great addition to these traits possessed by Aquarius.

Aquarius represents an Air sign while Aries, in contrast, stands for Fire. Air combust Fire and helps it grow large; in the same way, Aquarius can help Aries think up new ideas and then absorb them.

Aquarius represents a Fixed sign as Aries, a Cardinal sign. Aries awards Aquarius with the confidence to charge ahead instead of just sitting in the laboratory inventing new ideas. Aquarius can help Aries become stable and complete projects rather than hoping into new plans without implementation of the old ones.

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