Aquarius and Capricorn

Aquarius - Capricorn love affair show cases the most positive traits of each partner. Capricorn is a more watchful and gifted with a balanced outlook on life while Aquarius is however less impressed and adopts a romantic approach to almost everything. On the surface, they may appear as complete opposites, but once these two have their eyes set upon one another, a permanent connection is formed.

Both get insular to the extent of seeming unwilling to finding the middle ground. Capricorn flourishes on the organization and is always on the look for consequences. Aquarius is modern and finds schedule boring. Capricorn will be amazed at the extra ordinary in Aquarius, but may get annoyed trying to find a stitch up of logic in their partner's disorganized and supernatural mind.

Saturn rules both the signs; besides, Aquarius follows Uranus. Saturn is a cold, universal energy. This planet is goal-minded and loyal to progressive ideas.

Aquarius represents “Air” while Capricorn is “Earth”. Aquarius sees life as a random innovation while Capricorn efforts are directed to a particular result. At some instances, Aquarius and Capricorn may understand the long way other has travelled.

Aquarius represents a Fixed Sign; on the other end, Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign. Both can be persistent, rigid and unbendable. Both partners have an obsessive drive to get hold of objects of their desire. This is the sole reason that keeps the two together as they both possess the ability to comprehend and act on a situation.

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