Aquarius and Leo

The merging of Aquarian insight and Leo creativity causes people to take notice when Aquarius and Leo come together in a love affair. This partnership is dynamic and inexorable, and although infrequent competitions may occur, there is never a dull second for these two.

Most of Aquarius - Leo affairs thrive on unrelenting mutual appreciation. Leo looks up to the eccentricity, vision and creative personality of Aquarius. Sequentially, Aquarius have a high regard for Lion's zeal, charisma and self-esteem, Aquarians for all time have new ideas, however, he/she do not always have that zeal to actualize these ideas.

Aquarius follows the planets Saturn and Uranus while Leo serves the Sun. These three Planets form a sort of cycle pinpointing of the Aquarius - Leo affiliation and their ability to come together and formulate new establishments.

Aquarius is an Air sign while Leo represents a Fire sign. Air burns Fire and keeps it going; Aquarius can not only keep tempo with the motion and fireball of energy that is Leo, but can add special effects.

Leo and Aquarius are Fixed signs. Leo gives Aquarius the nerve to charge ahead and take action, rather than just sitting in the lab putting together ideas. Aquarius's inventiveness can impress Leo, as can their exceptional vision. They are both faithful and extremely dedicated to one another, and when they understand that they do not essentially need to be in control all the time, they can succeed side by side.

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