Aquarius and Scorpio

When Aquarius and Scorpio make love counterparts, it is a synthesis of two very different life philosophies and many very different desires. There is much chance for roughness here. Where Scorpio faces their interior exciting world unswervingly and with extreme energy, thinking deeply about the more hidden undercurrents of life, Aquarius takes that same kind of energy and turns it superficially. With their extraordinary, impractical and, above all else, very public outlook on life, Aquarius seems an additional option for the more shy Scorpio.

Aquarius can be too academic and unfriendly for Scorpio, who has the obsession for attention, and likes to progress in love and enjoys sex and romance. Aquarius follows the planets Uranus and Saturn while Scorpio serves the planets Mars and Pluto. Mars is the old God of War, tenacious and full of courage. Pluto is the upper octave of Mars and wheels the power, elimination and rebirthing prerequisites of the Scorpio. Uranus focuses on innovative practices. Saturn offers this relationship the force to act on these thoughts and the ability to put in order the details that will animate them.

Aquarius is a sign of Air whereas Scorpio represents a sign of Water. Air is much about the intelligence, so Aquarius faces life as a single opportunity to grow and find out after another while Scorpio is rather more scrutinizing.

Aquarius and Scorpio stand for Fixed signs. The two are stubborn and relentless. Lest the two have plans, they will stick to it until their efforts bear them some results. Once they have their minds set on a particular project, they tend to it to the last bit.

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