Aquarius and Virgo

Aquarius and Virgo in a love affair tend to bring out either the best or worst in one another. Virgo has a more unbending, theory-based approach to life. The Aquarian lyrical approach, on the other hand, knows less about the technical world. However, these two lovers may, in fact, flourish on their differences; they grow together as they become experienced about one another.

Aquarius is naturally passionate and moody while Virgo does his/her things logically, and with little protest. Virgo is very structured and levelheaded. Aquarius is up to date and finds routine ridiculous.

Aquarius serves the planet Saturn, and also follows Uranus. Saturn is a cold, traditional energy. This planet is very goal minded and devoted to progressive thinking. Planet Mercury rules Virgo on the hand; Mercury is about the conscious mind which is evident on Virgo's keen approach to the state of affairs.

Aquarius is an Air sign as Virgo represents an Earth sign. Aquarius travels a lot in life in search for pure spiritual enlightenment, while Virgo is more academic oriented. Virgos seek to know the reasons for situations and why things happen in a particular manner and not another. Aquarians on the other hand, only focus on what prick their fancy.

Aquarius is a Fixed sign while Virgo represents Mutable sign and. Aquarius can be difficult to deal with as he/she is obstinate and with formed opinions. Both partners are interested and intent when working towards their goals. Virgo adapts well to any societal situation. Virgo is happy with helping Aquarius provided their efforts are appreciated.

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