Aries and Aries

An Aries - Aries relationship is by large bound to fireworks. The two are always in a competition making it challenging for a love match. This relationship can be compared to looking into a mirror: Aries fully comprehends their partner's dire need for independence since they are replicas of each other. However, at times they can be extremely possessive turning into two fighting ram heads. Despite this, they can learn to coexist creating an extremely powerful relationship.

Aries - Aries relationship can generally be enthusiastic and positive. This can be attributed to the fact that this love match is a union of two strong and ambitious spirits. They love to explore new heights such as extreme sports and travelling. Regardless of this, their egos usually clash together and for this relationship to succeed, they must learn working together.

Aries, ruled by the planet Mars which was a god of war are like two soldiers in a battlefield. They can form a correlation and fight together or fight against each other. Mars is also an icon of passion and Aries will have a warm and passionate relationship if only they stick together. None of the partners is ready to be submissive hence tolerance is an important ingredient in this relationship.

Aries being a CARDINAL sign, a combination of both partners will bud into skillful initiators. They per sue whatever they want passionately and are not reluctant in jumping into relationships.

The best aspect of an Aries - Aries relationship is their spontaneous excitement which renews things making sure a relationship is rejuvenated day by day. This trait is hardly found in other signs.

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