Aries and Cancer

When Aries and Cancer unite to form a love affair, it is the case of two unlike poles attracting. At times, Aries can really be rough and brash against cancer who is more sensitive docile and emotional. Cancer likes to take time before plunging into relationships. However the formidable approach that Aries applies in courtship can act as an extreme stimulant. At times Aries might find cancer's sensitivity more appealing which acts as a perfect balance for cancer's bluntness.

Cancer is a home sign while Aries is a self sign. The greatest similarity between the two is their protective nature. Just like an armored knight, Aries protects their loved ones with their horns while cancer uses their crab shell and stingers to encompass and protect those that they love.

The planet Mars, rules Aries while cancer is under the rule of the emotional moon. Mars, being a god of war automatically makes Aries a soldier who meets everyday challenges with a lot of resistance. This passion attracts Cancer who is prone to feelings and emotions. As Aries rushes into battle, Cancer prefers to work behind the scenes controlling every aspect just like the moon controls tides of earth. Cancer can be sentimental teaching Aries how to appreciate life instead of always being in a rush.

Both are Cardinal signs and with cooperation can develop into perfect initiators. On the outside Aries is the master thou cancer is in control emotionally.

The best aspect of this relationship is hidden in the realization that they are in the same team. A combination of fire and water can really work out well.

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