Aries and Capricorn

When Aries and Capricorn unite in a love affair, it can be termed as a match made in heaven though it takes hard work to maintain their mutual energy. Their approach to various activities may seem to be a complete contrast of the other. Aries is spontaneous while Capricorn prefers a more keen and slow approach to life. They move slowly with their eyes set on specific goals in life.

Aries is loud and flashy while Capricorn assumes a more silent position. They both stubbornly think that their ideas are always the best and will have to agree to disagree for a peaceful coexistence. They profess different philosophies: Aries looks for the short way out while Capricorn prefers to follow rules.

Aries and Capricorn are ruled by planet Mars and Saturn respectively. The former represents passion while the later is an icon of karma. Often these planets go against each other and these two will definitely face a struggle in finding a common ground. These signs may assume a better duo in a work place than in the bedroom. This is attributed to the fact that once they resolute they don't easily give up.

Aries and Capricorn are Cardinal signs. Both are initiators but their goals and interests vary widely. On the surface Aries is the leader while Capricorn ingeniously rules on the emotional front.

The greatest aspect of such a union is their abilities to bring qualities into their life. Once they have learnt how to live together most obstacles can be avoided by clear communication.

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