Aries and Leo

Sparks will absolutely be formed if Aries and Leo unify in a love affair. They both are fire signs, very dynamic and passionate with a compelling affection for competition and sportsmanship. However when their equally large egos get on their way, problems may arise.

These partners have a deep respect for each other and are overwhelmed by a genuine admiration for one other though they have to learn not to fight for dominance - even when in a restaurant going through a menu.

This partnership is built on fiery passion, dominance and who's the leader and when. They both can be overcome by pride and impatience. Leo, a lion, adores their egos being stroked, services which the much bored Aries may not be ready to offer. Though Aries may be bothered by the flirtatious nature of Leo this relationship can really be interesting and exciting.

Being ruled by planet Mars and the Sun respectively, they are both masculine energy archetypes and can make a perfect combination together if only they remain in a team.

Aries and Leo are fire signs. Such a relationship tends to be really heated and passionate. When it is beautiful its beauty glows and when ugly its ugliness stinks. Though they may disagree at times, the disagreements are not bound to last for long since their love is not founded on the basis of power.

They share mutual admiration for one another. Aries being the initiator, and Leo following through and acting as a complement in every step and action they make.

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