Aries and Libra

When Aries and Libra unite in a love affair the intrinsic polarity of the zodiac is invoked. They are directly opposite one another on the zodiac chart (180) degrees apart. Due to this disparity, each sign poses qualities that are unique to it. Aries being a sign of self Libra is a sign of partnerships. The ever excited Aries is ready to jump into new projects while Libra prefers a cool and calm approach to life.

They share great sex attraction an attribute to their opposite polarity. However, though they may be sexually attracted, sometimes it can really get ugly. Aries is really decisive and can instill a great deal of this to the indecisive Libra who prefers harmony in a relationship.

Aries is ruled by planet Mars while Libra is ruled by Venus. This is a perfect match since these two planets are icons of passion and love. The two planets go hand in hand since they are the two sides of a relationship coin.

They are both Cardinal signs and are great initiators though they lack the energy to per sue them. Though Aries may appear to be in charge due to forceful energy and the forceful nature Libra is always on the lead intelligently.

Aries and Libra are fire and air signs respectively. Air enables fires expand and grow. Hence Aries can impact a positive growth on Libra.

The greatest aspect of this relationship is the harmony that is as a result of a unification of Venus and Mars.
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