Aries and Pisces

Aries and Pisces can be very good for each other if they decide to come together in a love affair. Aries is a sign of strength and completely prey on their own impulses which they follow religiously without regard for consequences. Pisces who is more dreamy and quite is the poet of the zodiac and more internally focused. Pisces is also very initiative both personally and as a lover. Aries must carefully return this favor so that Pisces may not interpret him as selfish and stingy.

Aries is a natural leader and an initiator. When Aries discovers an attractive person they launch a pursuit without a second thought. On the other hand Pisces is gentler and once this relationship is cemented Aries assumes the position of the protector. So to say, they are really giving and emphatic, dedicating themselves completely to their partners.

Aries is ruled by planet Mars an embodiment of passion while Pisces is under Jupiter an icon of luck and illusions. Mars is credited for bringing action into Neptune's dream oriented life. Therefore Aries is important in bringing their fantasies into reality.

Aries is usually a fire sign and Pisces a water sign. These two elements can create trouble for one another. Fire evaporates water though they can unify to form a formidable team. Aries can teach Pisces how to explore the world and Pisces help Aries live a calm life.

Aries is a Cardinal sign while Pisces is a Mutable one. Aries, unlike Pisces is in no need of leadership. They enjoy working together but Aries always wants the top position for them.

The greatest aspect of an Aries - Pisces relationship is that they can really learn from themselves. Aries coaches Pisces how to actualize dreams while Pisces is the tutor of patience to the ever-restless Aries.

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