Aries and Taurus

When Aries and Taurus unite in a love affair, they create a relationship bound by the cords of a natural love. The relationship is built on a foundation of balance since Aries is impatient while Taurus prefers to move step by step, hence the need for tolerance. This is suspect to breeding problems. Taurus is a lover of romance and being wooed, concepts that are alien to the much straight forward Aries. However, an Aries Taurus relationship can be steamy and a learning opportunity for both signs.

Taurus is gentle, patient and tolerant, qualities that act as a bait to the much impatient Aries. These two signs are perfect balance for each other though at times Aries likes playing off the bullish intolerant game and at times compel Taurus into making hasty decisions.

Aries is ruled by planet mars, an icon of passion while Taurus is ruled by planet Venus an embodiment of the much coveted love. These two planets generally coexist peacefully and represent integral halves of a same relationship coin. They are universally recognized symbols of masculinity and femininity respectively hence forming a relationship that is at a balance of these energies.

Aries, a fire sign will always want to take charge of their destiny, while Taurus, an earth sign is in constant need for the assurance or their security and stability.

The best aspect of this union is the passionate nature of the relationship. There is an impulsive and deliberate balance in their masculine and feminine energies. Their contrasting ideology allows them to build a mutually satisfying love.

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