Cancer and Aquarius

It is very stressful for Moon, the ruler of Cancer, to be connected to the sign of Aquarius. This is a bond that shows too much move, stress and a lack of peace. When Cancer and Aquarius start a romantic relationship it is usually stressful for Aquarius partner as well, since they feel clumsy and inadequate, being an incompetent, aggressive, distant or unreliable partner. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus and it is incredibly important to them not to feel guilt. If they do, Saturn could weigh them down and they wouldn't be able to reach their true goal – Uranus.

Even though Aquarius is a sign of Fixed quality, Cancer approaches them as if they were not that Fixed at all. It is a challenge for Cancer partner to understand that even though everything is changing, things stay the same in Aquarius world. This understanding is the same in the other direction. Aquarius sees their partner as boring and unchangeable, although Cancer is a sign of Cardinal quality, always ready to make a change if the time has come.

As a tame Water sign, Cancer can adapt to anything if they put their mind into it. The Air element pulls Aquarius too high and it is a big change they won't be so grounded and organized. This is where Cancer can help and give a strong foundation, taking care of their Aquarius partner while they are free to live in their personal chaos. For this to work, Cancer needs to be independent in every way.

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