Cancer and Cancer

Cancer partners belong to the element of Water and as such they can move slowly, due to emotional challenges they stumble upon, on their way. When two Cancer partners come together, their main problem is a lack of initiative and time they need to decide to be together, or apart. Their emotional understanding can be outstanding, better than in any other Sun sign combination. Their goals are also very much alike. But while they dream of sharing a life together, it might pass them by, because non of them gives enough energy to make changes that are needed.

Their CARDINAL quality gives them an understanding of the necessity of emotional change, but as they accumulate everything they are not satisfied with, the change they make in the end is usually simply setting themselves free from the person they weren't happy with.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and gives both partners a certain state in which their moods can change daily and sometimes more often than that. If they don't follow each other's current state and get in a place where they assume they know one another, it is like a death sentence for their relationship. It is imperative for them to get to know each other better with every passing day, and stay open for any changes in each other's life.

Their goal is to learn to communicate with one another, taking into consideration each other's emotional needs. If they do, they might be the closest couple you've ever seen.

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