Cancer and Capricorn

As all opposing signs, Cancer and Capricorn complement each other perfectly and present a contact that offers valuable lessons, as they both need to accept what seems to be their absolute contrast. It might seem strange how all of their differences seem to make so much more attraction. They belong to elements of Water and Earth, and this gives them a steady foundation for solving the issues of higher levels. They even possess the same Cardinal quality, so what seems to be the problem?

Their main problem is in their rulers. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Capricorn by Saturn. From Earth's perspective, these two are the closest and the most distant heavenly bodies that can be seen by the naked eye. Saturn presents our barrier to the outer galaxy, separating us from everything that can't be seen. This works well for Cancer because of their need to be protected and shielded, but the distance between them seems enormous.

Cancer stands for emotional and warm, Capricorn for rational and cold. Cancer wants family and love, Capricorn wants carrier and money. If they don't expect too much change from one another, they will discover shared depth, stability and a certain need to stay in the past. They should be careful not to stay together when they are not satisfied, only because they are tied to feelings they once shared. When they realize how close they can get and Capricorn partner starts to relax and give in to emotion, they will function in perfect balance.

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