Cancer and Leo

Cancer and Leo are the only signs in the zodiac ruled and guided by the lights, the Moon and the Sun. As a satellite and a star, they are different from all of the other sign's rulers - planets. Together they show us the significance of emotional stability for any person that is looking for a high position or respect. When these two come together, it is always a relationship with a higher meaning, carrying a valuable lesson for both of them.

Since Cancer is a sign of Cardinal quality and Leo of Fixed, they can get along in the long run for as long as Cancer doesn't explode, but deals with problems in time. Leo should be at least a bit open to personal change so they wouldn't have problems that are impossible to get rid of.

The main problems in their relationship come from their corresponding elements. While Cancer is a Water sign, emotional and deep, Leo is guided by Fire, passionate and full of initiative. Although this may seem as a perfect match, they don't complement each other that fully as it looks like.

Cancer can be overly sensitive to any external influences, so their Leo could irritate them with the way they eat, sleep and talk. Everything Leo does is pretty loud and way too dramatic for Cancer's sensibility. Leo, on the other hand, can be truly bored fulfilling Cancer's expectations for a quiet evening at home. Every night. Their individual freedom would have to be immense in order for their relationship to work.

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