Cancer and Pisces

A relationship between Cancer and Pisces can be a wonderful thing for they are both ready to leave the reality and form their own little world. This is the most romantic couple in the entire zodiac. Cancer dreams of a peaceful relationship to feel loved, calm and secure. Pisces can give them anything emotional they need as they are the zodiac's ultimate believer in true love.

Both of them are Water signs, so emotions between them can flow without barrier. It is so easy to show their feelings to each other. They might have a problem with reality and their surroundings, because of their sensitivity and a tendency to shut down for the world around them. If they find an accomplice in each other, they might never get out of their shells and live.

These two are signs of Cardinal and Mutable quality. As a Mutable sign Pisces can represent a small problem for Cancer's need for security, but this is solved by a simple share of emotions between them. Mostly any problem in their relationship can be solved this way.

What endangers their connection is that Pisces almost never knows exactly what they want. This is something hidden under their attitude, but the truth is, they simply don't. They are almost professionals in finding all sorts of excuses for things they don't do, but rarely question if maybe they simply don't want to do them. If they rationally know it's right, they might start a relationship with Cancer just because they are not sure they don't want to.

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