Cancer and Scorpio

Even though Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Scorpio by Mars and Pluto, this couple can form a beautiful relationship and stay together for a very long time. They share the element of Water and with it an emotional depth that other elements might lack. Both of them act from an emotional plain and have the need to solve their psychological issues, individually and as a couple. In case they meet some difficult times, it is good to know that they can always get help if they visit a therapist.

Their rulers provide a strong attraction while their emotional nature might give them enough tenderness, in case Scorpio isn't trying too hard to push their emotions under a rug.

As signs of Cardinal and Fixed quality and due to the fact that Scorpio is the representative of change, they share an understanding for the right timing to act. They can follow each other's pace easily and with their liquid nature, it is almost guaranteed that their relationship will last.

The problem that might arise is a possible consequence of Scorpio nature. Scorpio has a very strong need to run away from their emotions. This is a Water sign where all those emotions nobody wants to deal with go, so it is clear why they feel this way. This can prevent them from showing enough of their emotional side to make Cancer partner happy. The right way to deal with this is for Cancer partner to show support for Scorpio's emotional side and understand what lies beneath the surface.

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