Cancer and Taurus

The love affair between Cancer and Taurus is usually an exquisite combination. They are in two different positions within the Zodiac hence such signs are likely to share karmic ties and collective understanding.

The Cancer - Taurus association is a happy one due to mutual enjoyment of security and comfort of home. Both love a solid home base, a solid rapport, pleasant belongings, better feeding and a comfortable domestic life.

The Planet Venus (Love) rules Taurus whereas the Moon (Emotions) is the ruler of Cancer. Cancer in most cases keeps feelings bottled up and bubbling inside. Cancer has an attraction to Taurus's open, honest and unafraid nature.

Taurus is a symbol for Earth while Cancer represents Water Sign. Water and Earth are attuned as touchable, material units. Representing a Water Sign, Cancer is born to take care of an Earth Sign like Taurus just the same way rain care for Earth and helps crops mature. In return, Taurus has the propensity to have a more established view of life than does Cancer and is less prone to emotional turmoil.

Cancer is a representative of a Cardinal Sign while Taurus on the other end is a Fixed Sign. Taurus has Fixed habits; they will not change an opinion once created. It can provide Cancer with an emotional rock as Taurus is exclusively out-and-out to the relationship.

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