Cancer and Virgo

The relationship of Cancer and Virgo can be quite rewarding and calm. As Cancer takes care of Virgo and their sensitive physical state, Virgo returns their love through undivided attention to details in their life. When they are together, they are slow and moody, but usually they share the same mood swings as time goes by. They can get pretty tied up, share everything and create a world where they don't need anyone else. This can be a bit of a problem, as social life is needed for a healthy relationship. Still, if they manage to contain their symbiotic needs, this is a relationship we would all like to be in.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Virgo by Mercury. This presents their only troublesome issue in a relationship – the possible distance from their personal emotional and rational worlds. If Virgo closes up for their emotions and starts analyzing and rationalizing their relationship, it could all fall apart, no matter the potential they've had to begin with. Too much detachment on their part could lead to the crash of Cancer's emotional state and hurt them pretty bad.

As a Cardinal and Mutable sign, they are capable of keeping up with one another, mostly due to the fact that their elements complement each other. Cancer is a Water sign, emotional and sensitive and Virgo is an Earth sign, prepared to take care of the material aspects of their shared world.

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