Capricorn and Capricorn

In a Capricorn - Capricorn affair, the two create and contribute to a significant element in one another's lives. Capricorn has a symbol of a Sea Goat, the animal always on an uphill climb from the sea to the mountain pinnacle. It is right of the Capricorn couple, who blow up their energy and strength and climb the staircase to a possible relationship.

When it comes to the organization, a family or maintaining a healthy relationship, this couple can handle this business. So much so, that they need to be mindful of finding setting aside time for leisure and ward off the hardworking mindset that comes along with the Capricorn way of life.

The Planet Saturn rules Capricorn. Saturn's main goal is on achieving through hard work. This planet also focuses on Capricorn's commanding side and desire for social status. This couple is very career-minded.

Capricorn represents an Earth Sign. His/her interests lie in the material possessions that indicate lofty social status. Capricorns are prepared to work hard to turn their house a home, and they are not afraid to fly their kite with the fruits of their labor.

This couple (Capricorn) represents a CARDINAL Sign. The two joy in setting off new actions and following them through. Always old-fashioned, Capricorn-Capricorn couples spend their time and money in real applications and looks for the positive outcome. The steadfast traits of the Sea Goat workhorse make this twosome a big success couple as well as close associates.

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