Capricorn and Gemini

When Capricorn and Gemini join in a love affair, it may be quite difficult for them to comprehend the reason for their being together, this possibly explains their opposite to almost everything. They need to operate from a base of affection and respect for one another to triumph over the obstacles.

Capricorn is very humble and hushed, which stands out even more against Gemini's sociable, violent nature. Capricorn is slow, firm and mulish while Gemini is bendable and tends to alter their mind a lot.

Capricorn follows the planet Saturn while Gemini, Mercury. This Planetary controls can go up against one another. Saturn has a freezing, masculine energy; it is all about insistence and helps Capricorn keep moving ahead through all kinds of intricacies.

Capricorn is an Earth sign as Gemini represents Air sign. Capricorn is practical, steady and well-organized. They see no need to take chances if they are not sure to pay off. Gemini, on the other hand, is hypothetical and investigative; they are all about thrill-seeking and following wherever their ingenious minds may lead.

Capricorn and Gemini stand for Cardinal and Mutable signs respectively. Capricorn kicks off things; they like to be in control. Gemini is more elastic, generally happy to go along with Capricorn's lead, provided they are not forced into a situation. They need the freedom to agree, disagree and choose at will, and if they begin to feel compelled, they will respond by becoming unapproachable and hard to find.

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