Gemini and Aquarius

These two Air signs in one room could transform anyone into anything possible and impossible by just talk. If you've considered being a vampire, it is probably possible if a couple like this one talked to you for long enough. Their personalities simply click when they get together and this energy makes everything possible. While Gemini absorbs information and waits to forward them to anyone that needs them, Aquarius is constantly providing new ideas and a sense of excitement along the way.

There is only one issue they should agree on before they start this adventure – where are the boundaries of their imaginary and physical worlds. As much as anything could be possible, it is rare for two Air signs of this “height” to land and make something real on planet Earth. So the possibility of too many ideas that never came to life is huge, and their shared interests could even get them so unrealistic that they would realize nothing in their relationship is real.

Even though Aquarius can shake Gemini's world, their quality is Fixed and the Mutable Gemini might be just too flaky for their taste. To add to that, Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Aquarius has two rulers – Saturn and Uranus. While the relationship between Mercury and Uranus can be very exciting and exalting for both of them, when Saturn gets involved it is not easy for Mercury to understand where all the excitement left.

If these partners want to last, they should really be realistic and make a strong foundation before flying high.

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