Gemini and Leo

If we want to describe a relationship between Gemini and Leo, we need to understand the relationship between their rulers. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Leo by the Sun. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, cold due to lack of atmosphere and pretty small. Mercury never leaves the Sun and their maximal distance in the zodiac is 28 degrees, not enough to make any of main aspects. This is pretty much what their relationship looks like. Gemini person circles around Leo, small but fast, absorbing knowledge, energy and passion. It is almost as if Leo gives reason for Gemini to move.

Their problem though, is that Gemini is a sign of Mutable quality and Leo is Fixed. This can be truly annoying to Leo because he can't seem to understand why Gemini looks so into everything at one moment, but completely distant at another.

The good thing is that Leo's Fixed quality makes them stable and reliable for their partner. This gives the couple an opportunity to last, as Gemini can move while Leo makes the relationship stable.

Gemini's role is to make Leo burn even brighter, lift their spirits and boost their ego. It is a sign connected to the element of Air as Leo is to Fire. This is exactly how they should function together – Gemini should give Leo enough air to grow and shine, while Leo should warm up Gemini and catch them as they move. If they approach to their roles responsibly, there is nothing that could tear them apart.

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