Gemini and Libra

The combination of these two Air signs can be a nice match with Gemini focused on socializing and Libra on their intimate relationship. While they would take care of each other, they would also be able to maintain a healthy social lifestyle, for as long as Libra partner does not try to change the behavior of their childish Gemini. Air element might also present a problem in a way, since it can be very hard to ground any ideas or plans when nothing is getting them closer to Earth.

Mutable nature of Gemini can annoy Libra pretty much, despite of their Cardinal one. This is due to the fact that the sign of Libra is a sign where Saturn is exalted, the planet of responsibility, durability and stability. You can imagine how a childish Gemini, jumping from one pool of ideas to the other, can push all of Libra's buttons when she is trying to organize their life and give them foundation.

Rulers of their signs, Mercury and Venus, are both inner planets, closer to the Sun then the Earth. This gives them a sort of closeness and silent agreement on things that are truly important in life. You will find that all signs ruled by these fast, personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) share a sort of understanding on basics of life on planet Earth. It is as if they all know the significance of everyday life and each of them, in their own way, has the need to use this knowledge in what they find important.

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