Gemini and Pisces

Squaring signs of Gemini and Pisces can be really difficult to decipher. It is like everyone talks about their "side" of the "story" but who knows if there was any story to begin with. They could be very much attracted to each other, since their rulers are Mercury and Jupiter, the same rulers as of their opposing signs – Sagittarius and Virgo. If they recognize each other in this light, it is possible for the relationship to begin. Still, in most cases, they don't even see each other in a sexual way.

They are both signs of mutual quality, very unstable and changeable. If they like each other there is a great possibility that they won't like each other at the same time.

The main problem here is their complete lack of emotional understanding. From Gemini's Air point of view, Pisces are almost slimy from all that emotion. This is, of course, in case they see them as emotional beings at all, which they sometimes do when they recognize their Water element. Pisces might look at their Gemini partner as a crazy person in a way. As if there aren't enough problems in the world, now we have to deal with someone's everyday madness and detachment.

In order for this relationship to work, Gemini partner would have to sink in to all their emotional baggage. In any other scenario, it would be too hard for them to understand why their partner shuts down from pain when they see a hurt pigeon on the street.

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