Gemini and Scorpio

When Gemini and Scorpio begin a romantic relationship, it can be sort of painful for both of them. The only way they could possibly work is if their expectations are down to zero, accepting one another with no exception. Not only do their elements of Air and Water differ drastically, but also their quality offers no understanding what so ever. Mutable Gemini will probably change everything for Scorpio, before their Fixed nature would allow them to even recognize what is going on.

Scorpio is, in its core, the sign of change. It covers all sorts of curvatures and changes, from pregnancy to death and finds pleasure in this all the time. The problem with their relationship with Gemini is their superficial and naïve nature, not so much their Mutable quality. It is hard for Gemini to understand Scorpio, so prone to change, but always the same. The dimension of change they cover is completely different and doesn't really involve the same situations. Still, this is something that might keep them together as they share the same passion in their core, however different it might be on the outside.

When their rulers, Mercury and Mars, come together, this can lead to some very exciting conversations and activities, but can also point to conflict and aggressive verbal behavior. Gemini finds so much pleasure in healthy conversations and small talk, while Scorpio's idea of talk is not always that healthy, and almost never light. This can be overcome if they keep focus on their shared interests and passions.

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