Gemini and Virgo

Such a strange combination - Gemini and Virgo share a ruler but sometimes seem as if they have nothing in common. Their ruler Mercury shows exactly how many faces it has when you meet these two Sun signs as a couple. Not even does their Mutable nature help to reconcile the differences. These are the only two signs that share a ruler, but square each other in a state of constant misunderstanding. This can be explained by the extreme nature of their elements, Air and Earth. There must be a couple of stairs needed in between to make them work.

These two sides of Mercury also represent its masculine and feminine nature, since Gemini is a masculine sign, while Virgo is feminine. This has nothing to do with the gender of each of these partners, but says something about the principles they hold on to. This makes Gemini more active, full of initiative for new, exciting things and open for all sorts of discussions. On the other hand Virgo is passive, closed up and often needs someone else for guidance.

This can make us think that they complement each other perfectly, but it takes a lot of energy to stay in this sort of relationship, when they are so different to begin with. If Gemini wants to talk, Virgo will write everything down. If Gemini wants to move to the country, Virgo wants to move through the house and clean it.

It is truly a strange combination of extremely different but in their core same individuals.

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