Leo and Aries

The love relation between Leo and Aries results in a flying spark; as both are Fire Signs. The two are passionate and self-motivated, with a healthy love of antagonism. Both signs want to be in charge and problems can arise when their egos get in the way. These partners have real admiration and high opinion of each other; however, they need to learn to alternate in giving.

Leo is the Lion here and, with Lion, Aries can as well be the lamb. As in the fairy tale of the Lion and the Lamb, any disparity between these two can be triumph over. Others usually respect the two signs and it is vital that this regard exists within the relationship as well.

The Sun and Planet Mars rule Leo and Aries respectively. They understand each other because they are from the same place. The Sun is about the personality, and Mars is about electric energy, so they are highly compatible and can make an impressive team.

Both are Fire signs. It is a passionate relationship. During good times, the relationship is excellent and so are the hard times. In this partnership, there is always antagonism as to who is in charge.

Leo stands for a Fixed sign while Aries represents a Cardinal sign. Aries gives Leo the boldness to charge ahead and take chances while Leo can help teach Aries to calm down and follow things through.

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