Leo and Gemini

Leo and Gemini join in love to form a lighthearted and high-spirited relationship, characterized by light activities and cheerfulness. Gemini does well on mental motivation and is therefore fascinated by Leo's artistic and striking character. Problems usually spring up between this duo, however: If Leo takes Gemini's flirty and sociable nature too seriously, or whether Gemini thinks Leo wants to maintain absolute run of the relationship, arguments may break out.

Leo likes to be at the wheel of any project, venture or outing; Gemini on the contrary wants to be at liberty to think as fast and as far as they please. Direct and influential Leo can help Gemini make a decision if they start to be indecisive due to their ability to see all the options. Leo though needs to take care not to be too domineering.

The Sun rules Leo and Gemini by the Planet Mercury. Both signs are skilled at communication as their global influences are comparable; they just have different looms to self-expression. They may also have intense debates, but while Gemini finds it pleasurable and psychologically thought-provoking, Leo takes it quite seriously and can get their feelings very upset.

Leo is “Fire” while Gemini is “Air”. Air energizes Fire and helps it stretch far and wide. Gemini has an easy time of keeping pace with Leo's energy and inventiveness. Leo tends to be dramatic and affectionate, and brainy Gemini always comprehends Leo's message. Leo represents a Fixed sign and Gemini, a Mutable sign. Leo is obstinate and unbendable, a great leader and to some extent rigid when it comes to changing their ideas.

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