Leo and Leo

As two Leos join in a love match; both attracts a great deal of attention. Others have nothing to do other than holding their breath and taking notice. It is evident that two such dazzling, resourceful, sociable individuals seem to deserve one another. Theirs is an unbeatable combination when it comes to rousing others in the ways of romance.

The Lion being the ruler in the jungle, the combination of Leo-Leo roars with the energy and tenacity of two natural-born leaders. However, for the two to remain compatible, it is important that each of them learn to tame their individual passion and bossiness. He/she has a dedication to the house of pleasure and thus enjoys the better-quality things in life and do not hesitate to show one another good time. When things get dramatic, each Leo feeds off the other's want for continuous attention.

The Sun rules Leo, and this is the ideal symbol of the Leo's perspicacity of self: situated at the axis of the planets. The Sun emits a lot of light, power, and might. Evidently, the Sun can also singe those in its way, their sense of dramatics and self-centeredness, making them at times troublesome for their partner or those close to them.

Leo signals fire. The red-hot enthusiasm of two Lions together is relentless. Their Fire, combined with reliance on physical action enables the relationship to be dynamic. This intense energy is incredible if it avoids disaster. It will either be the ‘best or worst moments' as their relationship swings the pendulum between pure love and total dismissal.

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