Leo and Scorpio

Well, usually the love match between Leo and Scorpio is well thought-out to be tough! When two people are born under conflicting elements - here Fire and Water - it can be hard for both parties to understand where one another are coming from, and their level of love compatibility has higher chances of being quite weak.

Since Fire and Water have a tendency to snuff out each other, Leo and Scorpio can easily finish up on a path of mutual destruction. For them to function cordially, each has to be more adaptable and more willing to make compromises. For Scorpio, the initial test is to avoid riding roughshod over Leo's particular pride; Leo must, however, respect the Scorpion's dark and vulnerable feelings.

Leo is ruled by the Sun while Planets Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. The Sun is about ego and self. Leo indeed emanates this kind of zeal and determination. Mars is about war, assertiveness and battle, and Pluto is the influence on Scorpio's secret talk. Together, this plenty of energy causes Leo and Scorpio to lighten their differences and support one another.

Leo and Scorpio are both Fixed Signs; since both of these ‘Fixed' signs tend to be extremely determined and unbendable; there is the risk of a major battle of wills in the incident of disagreements. Both are powerful characters in their right and frequently used to getting their desires with less fight; the two have met their match in each other. Even though there's usually a resentful respect for each other's achievements, the fundamental opposition between these signs means neither ever wants to put forward to the other's authority.

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