Leo and Taurus

Usually, when Leo and Taurus come together in love, they have a potential to be a great couple. Reason being, they are well aware of how to caress one another's self-image and love to have their own caressed! Both have comparable needs: Leo likes respects and wants to be adored and admired while Taurus desires bounty of care and to be loved.

These two signs enjoy status and assets. They value material comfort and magnificence; Leo is often showy about special treatment and gift-giving, which will significantly give pleasure to Taurus, who loves the most conventional forms of courtship.

The Sun (Self) rules Leo while the Planet Venus (Love and Money) rules Taurus. The Sun gives out warmth and light; Leo indeed radiates this kind of vigor and interest. Venus is about love, attractiveness, and opulence. Leo is a Fire Sign while Taurus represents an Earth Sign. Both are ambitious but in quite different ways. Leo longs for recognition and chances while Taurus goes all-out for security and stability in life and love.

Leo and Taurus both represent Fixed Signs. It means they are stubborn; once they make up their minds about something, it takes a lot to get them to adjust. It is why their arguments can get so intense since both of them honestly believe they are right and that theirs is the only appropriate way to look at a concern! Also, the two shy away from change. Once they decide that they want their love to stay, almost nothing will persuade them to leave their partners.

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