Leo and Virgo

Leo and Virgo sit next to one another in the Zodiac, and will do well when they equally sit side by side in a partnership that brings together two influential personalities. Leo-Virgo compatibility has its roots built in a strong attraction between these two signs of Fire and Earth. Apparently at odds with each other – the Lion is boisterous whereas the Virgin is calm - they carve up high standards concerning beauty, sensuality, and turning out a polished performance. At their best, they will make a superior team, with Leo bestowing enduring love on Virgo, who will give in return with great veracity.

Apparently, Virgo is attracted to the self-esteem and pride of a Leo, especially when discipline accompanies these qualities. The two will be content to let their partner laze around in the spotlight while they do what needs to be done secretly, as long as they are equals. Leo, conversely, will be careworn to the fragile and the striking image a Virgo presents. Lions by nature are lavish and showy in their displays of love, and can be hot and loyal to an enthusiastic lover.

Leo is a Fixed Sign whereas Virgo is a Mutable Sign. A Leo, who persists in wooing a Virgo, will find an insight of burning feeling contradicted by the Virgin's calm exterior. Besides, the two might discover that a Virgo's personal, exacting attentions, though quiet, can sufficiently satisfy their desire for appreciation. Leo can encourage a shy Virgo spouse to kick back and calm down, and tidy; sensible Virgo can teach a Lion that to be humble.

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