Libra and Cancer

Libra - Cancer love affair avails to one another some important things that each may not be possessing. Both signs look for positive relationship. Furthermore, the two will enjoy their shared appreciation for beauty and luxury, particularly when it comes to their family environment. These two can mix their energies tunefully if they choose to work toward a common goal.

Both Libra and Cancer enjoy the occasional teary opera or over-romantic heirloom. A vivid expression of sentiment and delight are always vital to both signs. Libra and Cancer are there for one another in many ways. Cancer is pleased about Libra's charm and discretion, and Libra's peaceful, unique peacekeeping skills can tame even the wildest show of displeasure a Cancer can gather together. Besides, Libra, lover of artistic beauty and accord, will appreciate their Cancer mate's fostering instinct for a free home and the security that comes with it.

The Planet Venus (Love) rules Libra as the Moon (emotions) rule Cancer. These two planetary associates contribute to a love of home, family and romance. While Libra has a reputation for his/her balancing nature, these love partners share fostering qualities and desire harmony over conflict.

Libra is an Air sign while Cancer represents a Water sign. Libra perceives life as a psychological study while Cancer's experience is more demonstrative, more tactile. Cancer is most pleased when their emotional desires actualize while Libra simply focuses on what arouses his/her mind.

Both Libra and Cancer represent Cardinal Signs. In this relationship, there could be a fight over who is at the steering wheel and or who is really in control here.

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