Pisces and Gemini

As Pisces and Gemini join in a love match, they make a very compassionate and mutually pleasing couple. Gemini is brainy, smart and eloquent, and can bring a run of humor and scholarly direction to help focus Pisces's pensive view of the world. Pisces is with the gift of instinctive empathy; they connect very well with others on a rather delicate emotional level.

This couple makes great friends in addition to lovers. Pisces is rather emotionally sensitive and can get their feelings hurt when impetuous Gemini talks without thinking. However, when they have problems, these partners can make a fresh start quickly.

Pisces serves Jupiter (Luck) and Neptune (Illusion) whereas Gemini follows the planet Mercury (Communication). Jupiter, about knowledge and ideas as well as luck, allows Pisces their craving to know more deeply, and Neptune makes Pisces so thoughtful. Mercury is all about quick wit; originality and discovery, Gemini's watch words. Pisces can comprehend Gemini's recurrent new ideas on a conscious level.

Pisces and Gemini represent Water and Air signs respectively. The combination of a rational focus with an emotional, sensitive grasp of the world makes decisions much more reliable; if these two can work together, they stand higher chances of being very successful.

Pisces and Gemini both represent Mutable signs, thus quite well matched. Both signs are soft, flexible and very able to cope with change. They also tend to change their mentality quite a bit, so it's a good thing.

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