Pisces and Sagittarius

The union of Pisces and Sagittarius is nothing less than a relationship of realized dreams. Sagittarius is more of an intellectual and a researcher, smoothly shifting around from one chase to the next. Pisces is more enigmatic, involved in the altering of their mindscape. Sagittarius is sociable and flexible, and in a union with Pisces often comes to the defense of their stable partner. Pisces, in return, gives Sagittarius clear understanding and a place to escape following their productive events. Pisces is a sign that adapts quickly to its atmosphere; just like water. Pisces tends to focus much energy on comprehending and sympathizing with their spouse.

The duo of Pisces and Sagittarius follows orders from the planet Jupiter. More to the point, Pisces also follows Neptune. Jupiter brings about invention and outreach to both parties. Pisces is worried about this aspect in an emotional sense; they often find themselves making efforts to rescue the world. On the other hand, Sagittarius prefers to widen their horizons via academics.

Pisces symbolizes Water while Sagittarius is a symbol of Fire. These elements form a great couple if they give in a little and try to understand one another carefully.

Both of the partners are Mutable signs. Neither partner has the urge to take over the relationship. They enjoy equal opportunities and like to see their ideas come to completion. Pisces gets great cheerfulness from helping Sagittarius. Sagittarius and Pisces enjoy dreaming up thoughts and putting them into action.

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