Planets - The Rulers


It is needless to say that the Sun is the center of the entire zodiac. The Sun takes about 99.8% of mass of the entire Solar system. This is its exact importance in someone's chart. It represents ego, personality, the way we see ourselves and our self-respect. It rules the sign of Leo, making them the king of the zodiac.
The Sun stands for our passion, our conscious ability to initialize things, be the first and the best at something and our tendency to shine on ourselves and all those around us. It rules our third chakra, our solar plexus and represents creation of life itself. Its main goal is to create and its main problem is a lack of personality.
When it is out of balance, a person feels powerless to the point of self-destruction. In good balance, the Sun is our source of power, will strength and character.


Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, and moves around it very fast. In the zodiac, it rules Gemini and Virgo. Mercury represents our mind, our words, communication skills and our practical ability to work. It is said that it has two faces and was originally thought of as two different stars due to its speed of revolution around the Sun.
It is a planet connected to our fifth, throat chakra – our energy center of purification. Virgo likes their physical and Gemini their mental environment clear. Mercury's basic problem is lying.
When it is out of balance, it manifests as confusion, difficulty to tell the truth, to express our true personality and the lack of ability to communicate. When in balance, Mercury gives the ability to share our opinions with the world, write, communicate, use our hands, drive, and to have a clear mind and a clean home.


Venus is, aside from Jupiter, the most benefic planet in the entire zodiac. It rules Taurus and Libra, and represents all that is beautiful, colorful, gentle and valued in our life. Venus is the warmest planet in the Solar system and it represents the center of our senses of touch and taste.
It is connected to our second, sacral chakra and tells about our ability to enjoy things, circumstances and relationships and be balanced and relaxed. The main challenge of Venus is the feeling of guilt.
When Venus is out of balance, it is impossible to be satisfied and feel attractive and beautiful. The worst side of Venus finds faults in everything and everyone. When in balance, it gives the need to dance, relax, make love and have fun.
Its greatest weapon is a smile and its depth withholds all natural beauty on planet Earth.


We can approach the Moon as a reflection of light coming from the Sun – it is our emotional reaction to our own personality. The Moon is connected to our fourth, heart chakra and as such, holds the balance of all planets.
It represents our genetic material, family, motherhood, our emotional, feminine nature and all of our memories. The Moon doesn't have an atmosphere and because of this it is possible to leave a footprint on its surface to stay there forever. It remembers everything, as a heavenly body and as a ruler of Cancer.
Its main problem is sadness. The Moon stands for love, pure and simple. It shows our ability to accept and give love in relation to others.
When it is out of balance, we are sad, in the state of self-pity and jealous. When balanced, we are laughing as a child and love – ourselves and everyone else.


Mars is the last in a row of personal, fast planets and is considered a malefic, meaning it has some features that are best avoided. This is a bit unfortunate for signs that are under its command – Aries and Scorpio.
Mars tells us about our primal energy and it is connected to our root chakra. When there is a problem with our ability to use our energy (sexual and other), all sorts of problems from its domain come to light. It stands for everything first, sharp, aggressive, hot, instinctive, angry, loud, animal and red colored in our world. Even the planet itself is red due to the fact that it is covered in rust. It is an unconscious ruler of masculine, animal nature and has no emotion.
Its basic challenge is fear. When in balance, it is focused, fast and represents our pool of infinite energy and material satisfaction.


Jupiter is the biggest planet in the Solar system. It is a gas giant and its gravitational field protects our planet from objects flying by. The role of Jupiter in the zodiac is the same. It is on a mission to keep us safe and protected.
Jupiter is our set of convictions, beliefs and the direction we take in life. It is connected to our sixth, third eye chakra and gives us vision, sense of space and the ability to have a relative view on life. Jupiter rules signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, so it is a carrier of our faith, trust and clarity. It stands for our happiness, optimism and our need to travel the world.
Out of balance, it takes away our life's purpose and makes everything seem pointless. When balanced, Jupiter gives us faith that all is good, vision and ability to focus on something meaningful so we can reach our purpose in life.


Saturn is the last planet in our Solar system visible from Earth at all times. Its rings are made of ice and it stands for everything cold and distant in the zodiac.
For centuries Saturn was considered our border with the rest of the Universe. Astrologically it rules Capricorn and Aquarius and represents our skin as a border to the outside world and the boundaries we set. It is a signal of everything that puts limits on us and our relation to responsibilities.
Saturn is connected to our seventh, crown chakra and represents rest. When we are tired and this energy center is out of balance, life becomes hard, our circumstances heavy and we develop a negative opinion on many things we find unjust. When Saturn is in a state of balance, we have an ever present feeling that we are in the right place at the right time, privileged to learn and evolve.


Uranus is a planet tipped on one side, so its poles are facing the Sun, instead of its equator. This is the best possible explanation of nature of Uranus in the zodiac as well. It rules the sign of Aquarius and represents all things that are upside-down and different from everything else. It is our field of ideas, higher thought, understanding of the Universe, enlightenment and of course – stress.
Uranus is hidden behind Saturn, our guard of the border, and is one of our energy centers located on the outside of our body.
When it is out of balance, we feel stress, act like rebels, outcasts, ready to fight at any given time and our nervous system suffers. In balance, this planet represents our opportunity to be inventors, astrologers and scientists. It is a point of outmost intelligence, unbelievable new technology and the network of all ideas that ever were and ever will be.


When we think of secrets, fog, lies and all blurred, wet things, we are summoning Neptune. Neptune is the god of the sea, planet of magic, mystique and all that is shady and out of reach. It represents what we are bound to, our mission, dreams and our faith.
Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and is therefore a planet of everything lost and distant. It rules our oceans and tells about all unseen, hidden and secretive things. When we want to understand Neptune, we need to jump into our faith and feel the love of unity. There is no other way to approach it.
Neptune is connected to one of our outer chakras. It is our touch with the realm of angels. When it is out of balance, everything in life seems unclear and lost, leads to all sorts of addictions. In balance, it is our mission, happy ending and our love for the world.


Pluto is the god of the underworld. For years it was considered a regular planet, but some time ago, it lost this status and is now a "dwarf planet" instead. Still, its astrological effect is unchanged and with Mars, it rules Scorpio and leaves its trace in our chart.
Pluto is focused, atomic energy. It is a planet of suppressed emotions and sexuality, and so it is a planet of destruction, wars, sexual deviance, pathological fears and deadliest wishes known to men. It represents death itself.
Pluto is one of our outer chakras and is located beneath our feet. It is our connection to the core of Earth and our deepest grounding. It is a river of our ancestors, everyone who ever died..
When out of balance, it brings panic and fear, situations out of our control and in the end – death. Balanced, Pluto gives us our ultimate grounding and helps us heal and transform our dreams into reality.