Sagittarius and Sagittarius

When two Sagittarians join in love, the truth-loving personality makes theirs a perfect bond. This duo perceives the world around them with a cultured ogle, and both share an intense quest for more acquaintance. They will involve one another in pleasurable chat.

Laid-back and self-sufficient, these two are well-suited when it comes to a matter of balancing personal interests. They've never known jealousy, and each partner keeps busy with personal projects when not with their lover. When they are together, they do all everything within their powers to see that their partners are pleased and happy at the moment.

The Planet Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. The expansion is the keyword here; as both partners enjoy the getting hold of knowledge, they will carry over existing ideas into their affair. Their charm and personality make them a very cute couple not only to one another but the entire horde of humanity.

Sagittarius is a “Fire”. When these two Fire Signs draw closer to one another, they merge to build a bigger flame. They frequently reach out together and experience life. They love to travel more than just reading about places in books.

Sagittarius is a MUTABLE Sign. He/she is easy to get along with, for the most part. Arguments rarely erupt between them. Both are extremely hospitable. Every so often a stubborn thorn will crop up, but neither partner wants to stay with this topic, and so the matter is dropped altogether.

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