Sagittarius and Scorpio

As a matter of fact, when a Sagittarius and a Scorpio desires to get in a love affair, they need to be warned to slow down, evaluate themselves, and know one another at deeply before getting way ahead of themselves. Or else, there are chances that this union could be over before either party realizes it even started. It is, therefore, important for this duo to show some elements of patience from which they will get rich rewards.

This two see every new day that comes as an adventure; with opportunities to explore. Shared experience brings them closer. While Sagittarius may get depressed with Scorpio's obduracy and rigidity, Scorpio could be thinking their Sagittarius companion is just a little too confrontational.

As the Jupiter rules Sagittarius, Pluto and Mars rule Scorpio. Mars is the deity of War, opening the door for Scorpio's unwavering animated character. Mars, jointly with Pluto, represents renaissance and renewal. Jupiter focuses on the way of life and advanced learning.

Sagittarius is “Fire” while Scorpio is “water”, Sagittarius is the impulsive partner, heading in the direction their impulse leads them while Scorpio's intentions are more restrained, not easy to read. Even though they run into misapprehension or misinterpretations of each other's motivations, a crisis can be turned aside.

Sagittarius is a Mutable sign whereas Scorpio represents a Fixed sign. Both of these love mates can involve in several tasks with professional attitude though having each other's interests at heart.

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