Sagittarius and Taurus

When Sagittarius and Taurus come together in a love union, their association can be incredibly awesome. However, they have to give each other some time out to learn about all the sides of this relationship. The duo has a lot to gain from this affair. While Sagittarius does well when they are always meeting new people, places, and foods, Taurus can be quite content with the routine as it affords them the security they so value.

These two signs have entirely different approaches in life. Taurus concentrates on practicality bit of it which ignites Sagittarius's nervous demeanor. Sagittarius occasionally gets into loggerheads with Taurus's seemingly gloomy complacency, and will try to psych Taurus up, which is about as diligent and works about as well as struggling to start though a slow, firm Bull to action!

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter as Venus rules Taurus. The Venus influence is the reason for Taurus' love of attractiveness, comfort and sensual joys. The Jupiter effects are what marks Sagittarius as the educator of the Zodiac; Jupiter loves philosophy, advanced learning, expansion, positivity, and travel.

Sagittarius "Fire" and Taurus is "Earth". Sagittarius requires space to roam freely and burn brightly; Taurus, on the contrary, is laid back and quests for stability. Sagittarius depends on feeling and impulse to walk them through life while Taurus is action oriented and concerned with efficiency.

Sagittarius is Mutable while Taurus is Fixed. Taurus is obstinate; once their minds focus on something, it takes every effort to convince them otherwise.

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