Scorpio and Capricorn

In their attempt of love union, Scorpio and Capricorn get an opportunity to not only enjoy a loving affiliation and study the worth of being a pair but also to grow and grow-up individually. These two may be concerned about sharing themselves with one another in the beginning, and this emotional vigilance may diminish the initial impact of this affiliation.

A lot can be learned when a Scorpio and Capricorn get together; while difficult at times to suffer, are worth the trouble they might cause. From their stable, right Capricorn mate, Scorpio can learn to bring their overheated emotions into control.

Two Planets Mars and Pluto, rule Scorpio. And the Planet Saturn rules Capricorn. Mars and Pluto represent violence, courage, sexual energy and rejuvenation. Saturn teaches the great lessons in life -hard work, diligence and responsibility. This trio of Planets does combine to form an active union bound by Scorpio's fierce emotion and Capricorn's fast action.

Scorpio represents Water Sign, and Capricorn stands for Earth. Earth Signs are all about possible issues, about material possessions. Water Signs forms to the shape of the circumstances they are in and often react with emotion rather than logic.

Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, unlike a Cardinal Capricorn. They may not appear as the most affectionate Sign of the Zodiac through a Capricorn's operations, and planning knowledge could be of good use in improvising elegant, perfectly planned moments of romance. If their Capricorn partner shows that many initiatives, Scorpio will passionately follow.

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