Scorpio and Leo

When Scorpio - Leo joins in a love affair, the outcome is a vibrant and passionate merger. They are informed about one another's desires; Scorpio quests for respect and to be wanted. Leo, however, needs to be acclaimed and complimented all the time.

Leo takes pleasure in ease and lavishness; he/she often does things on a massive scale. Leo is showy, and Scorpio will, therefore, appreciate that and will be ready to offer the audience Leo requires provided there is equality in the bond.

Scorpio submits to the planets Mars and Pluto while Leo, the Sun. The Sun is more of ego and self, as it glow with warmth and light. Leo without a doubt gives out this kind of zeal and passion. Mars is “war” and Pluto is the control on Scorpio's inner channel of communication. Since it takes orders from the House of Sex, Pluto persuades the idea of regeneration and rejuvenation that is a prevailing theme in Scorpio's life.

Scorpio is a Water sign as Leo represents “Fire”. Leo demands the freedom to come together while Scorpio has chameleon qualities. Both signs would like to lead, but in various ways, and this universal desire could end up causing waves in an otherwise steady, soft liaison.

Scorpio and Leo are Fixed signs. The two can be firm, dogmatic and dead set against change. They both tend to be relentless when working toward their goals. If they have a plan, they stick to it until the two get what they want.

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