Scorpio and Sagittarius

In a scenario where Scorpio and Sagittarius get involved in love, they should be warned to proceed with caution, relax and get to know one another deeply, or else they run a greater risk of getting way ahead of them. This relationship could come to an end before either partner even discovers it's started if they are less careful! Their endurance will be very handsomely satisfied.

Scorpio and Sagittarius both see each day as an adventure, an opportunity to explore more about life, to learn and come to know a lot that others do not get to see. Joint escapades bring them nearer to one another.

Pluto together with Mars are the rulers of Scorpio, and Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Mars represents the God of War, an opportunity for Scorpio's tenacious and courageous character. Mars, when joined with Pluto, represents renaissance and restitution.

Scorpio symbolizes Water and Sagittarius on the other end is a Fire Sign. Sagittarius is the impulsive partner and goes in the direction that their impulse leads them towards, Scorpio's motives, on the contrary, are more subtle and less easy to read. Even in the event of misunderstandings or improper interpretation of each other's motives, a crisis can be averted.

Scorpio represents a Fixed Sign, and Sagittarius represents a Mutable Sign. These love mates have the ability to involve in numerous tasks at the same time like professionals, thus keeping each other's desires at heart. They like to manage birthdays and special dates with family responsibilities.

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