Taurus and Aquarius

A relationship between the most tied up sign in the zodiac with the most liberal one must be extremely interesting. Although we would like to believe that Taurus and Aquarius could coexist peacefully, in most cases it is simply impossible. These two usually don't even recognize each other as potential partners. When they do, it is probably the combination in which it is too hard to hold on to mutual respect.

Both of them are in Fixed quality and set in their ways, difficult to deal with. Taurus cherishes tradition, especially the one nurtured in their family, while Aquarius wants to break free from every sort of given form. Taurus wants to go to church every Sunday, Aquarius practices astrology at the mall.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and Aquarius by Uranus, traditionally by Saturn. Although Venus would find satisfaction in the excitement Uranus can bring, the sign of Taurus is the debilitation of Uranus and a place where freedom is put to rest. It is pretty challenging for already weakened Aquarian Sun to shine bright when it seems to them that Taurus comes to take away everything they stand for.

The Sun always represents out point of gravity, something we are all drawn to through life. You can see that the Sun in Taurus pulls to marital, financial and living stability, while Sun in Aquarius points the other way and the Aquarius person has the need to set free from all those things that Taurus cherishes and desires.

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