Taurus and Aries

Usually, when the duo of Taurus and Aries join in love, the partnership generates a natural union of Love from Taurus, and Passion from Aries. This affair is about balance. Taurus prefers going about his/her business in a slower way, unlike Aries, who jumps right into matters, especially in love.

Unlike Aries, Taurus is sensual, tolerating and gentle. Aries is pleased with these qualities; he/she sees Taurus as a role model who is totally stable and faithful forever. On the other hand, Taurus sees Aries as possessing that quality they want more of, precisely, knowing when and how to grab on to life's opportunities.

The Planet Mars (Passion) rules Aries while the love planet (Venus) rules Taurus. Venus and Mars go well together; they correspond to the two indispensable halves of the same relationship coin.

Aries is a symbol of Fire and Taurus is an Earth Sign. Aries has that desire to take control of their destiny, unlike Taurus, who needs an assurance of security and steadiness. At times, Taurus can be domineering, which independent Aries does not tolerate Aries is a Cardinal Sign; Taurus on the other end is a Fixed Sign. Taurus is a Fixed Sign that will not budge; Aries will get much further with elegance and charm than with argument since Taurus never loses a debate. It is his/her tool in every attempt to persuade Taurus and make he/she buy the ideas presented by Aries, which Taurus might not have been willing to buy before.

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