Taurus and Cancer

Taurus can be very static and inert, but Cancer knows exactly how to make them flow. Taurus is connected to the element of Earth and Cancer to Water, so they go well together as a slow moving team. They are both quiet and usually share same ideas of emotional understanding, family and tenderness. Their main challenge is to open up to one another since they are both easily hurt and sensitive.

Taurus is ruled by Venus but represents our planet Earth and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. You can imagine the Moon traveling around the Earth and understand how these two can work together. While Taurus withholds life and takes care of everything in our material world, Cancer circles around them and takes care of their emotional needs.

As Fixed and Cardinal quality, they go well together until Cancer fills up with emotion and bursts. It is imperative for Taurus person to pay attention to all of the small signals his partner might give out, because Cancer partner can stay quiet and shove all the misunderstandings and problems under the rug. This results in an outburst that could lead to a permanent end of the relationship caused by the unchangeable nature of Taurus person, although they knew nothing about it in the first place.

When they pay a lot of attention to each other and communicate well, this is a perfect combination of Sun signs to form gentle relationships and a peaceful family life.

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